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Landmark M & M, Inc. is a full service real estate company with a strong
emphasis on property management. We have been serving owners and
tenants for over 30 years.

                                 OUR MISSION STATEMENT
To partner with our clients to achieve financial success through
excellence in real estate property management and maintenance.

                                                OUR REASONING
Real estate investing is serious business. Owners of income-producing
real estate cannot afford bad property management, nor can they afford
mediocre property management. Real estate will take care of the
owner/investor if it is taken care of properly. Good
 rental property
management is the only way to properly handle real estate investing.
Because of years of experience in managing all types of property,
Landmark M&M, Inc. can provide to the owner/investor the type of rental
property management that can enhance the property's value.

The following are some of the duties we perform:

  • Show property to prospective tenants
  • Screen prospective tenants including credit reports
  • Prepare leases and riders
  • Timely collection of rents
  • Handle tenant questions and complaints  
  • Pay mortgage, association dues, taxes, and insurance out of
    moneys collected
  • Arrange and supervise repairs and maintenance       
  • Move out inspections
  • Redecorate using in-house personnel when possible
  • Advertise unit for rent
  • Provide owner with monthly income and expense reports
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Landmark M&M, Inc.
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