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An experienced investor purchases a home, foreclosed in Schaumburg,
from the bank. He goes to the property and finds that the foreclosed
owner has not moved out. He offers to rent the condo to the foreclosed
owner, but the man refuses. He soon stops answering the door and pays
no attention to the countless number of notes left on the door.  The
investor's last resort was to have the foreclosed owner evicted. After
about two months, the Sheriff's Police finally arrived. They proceeded to
break through the door and emerged about five minutes later with the
foreclosed owner and the loaded gun he had held pointed towards the
door.As the furniture was carried out, I walked through the unit with the
investor for the first time. He turned to me and said, "Do whatever you
have to do. I'm going to lose on this deal."In less than two months, the
work was finished. The owner received a full- price offer within the first
hour that the condo was listed, selling for more than any unit in the
complex had ever sold for. The investor ended up making a nice return
on what he first thought was a sure loser.
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foreclosure picture after update
foreclosure picture of filthy kitchen
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evicted owner leaves box of Spic n Span
foreclosure picture with new bathroom
evicted owner leaves dirty underwear
foreclosure picture after clean up
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